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You work differently. We do credit differently.

It should be easy to access money when you need it

"It's very simple like 2-3 clicks and you get a loan, so I tried it out and it worked seamlessly well!"
Ali, Uber Driver
"I can't even get money from my own bank, they've been my bank for 18 years"
Joseph, Uber/Lyft Driver
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That's why Hyr and Moves are working together to offer Hyr Pros up to $2,500 in unsecured loans.

Here's what you need to know:


No Credit Check

Moves doesn't look at your credit scores, and does not report to credit bureaus

Pay back in 13 or 26 weeks

Choose the payment schedule that works best for you

No early repayment penalty

Early repayment is awesome! We'll make it worth your while

APR between 19-23%

Our APR sits between 19-23%, similar to a credit card

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