Ultimate Guide to the Gig Economy and the Future of Work

The world of work is changing. Your dream of flexible self-employment is more in reach than ever. Learn what it takes to join the gig economy and gain your independence.

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Tons of tips and tricks for all types of gig workers on the job


Common challenges you might face and how to overcome them


Resources including advice from experienced independent workers

"The Guide to the Gig Economy has been a labor of love for us - we’ve interviewed hundreds of your peers, researched your industry, and honed in on the most pressing financial needs you’re facing. I hope this Guide inspires you to take ownership of your career, to join our community, and to work towards the financial goals you have for yourself. Let’s keep on hustling, together."

- Matt Spoke, CEO of Moves Financial


About Moves

When Moves was formed in early 2020, it was to create a world where more people would choose to pursue the benefits of independent work. As an entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it means to hustle hard and the great feeling of freedom that comes with owning your career.

But we also know that it can be lonely and isolating - worrying about paying bills, getting customers, long hours, feeling burned out. It’s so easy to think you should just give up and join the 9-5 working world. But whenever you find yourself feeling this way, you can always turn to a community of supporters - mentors and peers who could advise you and push you to keep going.

You are not alone. As the fastest-growing segment of the global workforce, gig workers are highly represented in terms of numbers, but still woefully underrepresented in terms of power. Power comes from financial health; from collective ownership; and from advocacy.

This is where Moves comes in. As a social finance product for gig workers, Moves exists to enable you, our members, to achieve financial health and peace of mind, while participating in a social community of your peers pursuing the same outcomes.

Although each of you has unique challenges, you all have one thing in common: you are hustlers who are proud of what you do, and you’re pursuing the dream of independence and self-sufficiency that come with gig work.

We started Moves because the future of the gig economy needs to be owned by gig workers - and with Moves, you’re not just a member, you’re an owner.


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